Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Everybody Wins

If the leaders of the PS and UMP are to be believed, both Royal and Sarkozy won tonight's debate.

Francois Hollande (Head of PS and Royal partner):

"The debate was profitable. Segolene led and even dominated the exchange (...). She showed (...) credibility. She also showed coherence."

Julien Dray (Royal spokesperson):

"Those which did not know Ségolène Royal discovered a president, a woman of authority, convictions. Several times, Nicolas Sarkozy was on the defensive. Perhaps it is that he did not expect such a confrontation and such an intensity.

Rachida Dati (Sarkozy spokesperson):

"He was very clearly and very precise, which was not the case of Ségolène Royal who throughout this debate was very fuzzy, indeed in confusion (...) She added confusion to confusion, fuzziness to fuzziness."

Valerie Pecresse (UMP spokesperson):

"This debate, it is Nicolas Sarkozy who won it. Because everyone thought that he was going to be unnerved. Because all the campaign of the PS was only founded on its character, and the fact that it was to make fear."

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