Saturday, May 5, 2007

Final interview with Sarkozy

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy gave a final interview with Le Parisien, but because of election rules, it was only published on its website.

Asked on whether Royal's predictions that there would be riots if he were elected, Sarkozy responded:

"To explain that if people don't vote for one candidate there will be violence is quite simply to refuse the democratic and republican expression of opinion. We've never seen this before, never. It's a worrying form of intolerance."

And later on:

"That is to say that certain persons would contest the rules of the Republic and the law of the majority. I cannot imagine it...Despite all the efforts of Madame Royal, the "Anyone but Sarkozy", she has not met great success."

He was also asked about Royal comparing him with President Bush, Sarkozy replied:

"Instead of explaining her propositions and criticizing mine, she has wanted to caricature me...I am myself, I defend my own ideas."

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Alden said...


Here is a translation of Sarkozy's answer to the first question regarding Royal's threats of violence should she not be elected.

"I do not believe that during the Fifth Republic one has ever heard statements as violent and as threatening as these. To maintain that if the choice is made for a candidate, there will be violence, is nothing short of refusing democracy itself. This is an entirely new precedent, one that he never been heard before! It represents a very frightening new form of intolerance. The French people are presented with two options: vote for Royal and things will remain calm or elect Sarkozy and endure violence. This war-like language is a negation of the fundamental rules of democracy itself!

I cannot understand why a person of quality like Mdme Royal, would lose herself in such a violent diatribe. I see a totally closed minded left who considers illegitimate any form of thought or action that is not in lockstep with their parties line. To say such a thing is to insult the millions of voters who voted for me in the first round of the elections. France needs openness, tolerance, respect and joining together."

(If you need help translating, I would be happy to help.)

cotewest said...

i repeat, voting for Sarkozy (sorry for my english), is to talk with syndiacte with a gun on the face. I Agree. And i can tell you than i don't particular like syndicates (CGT) in France.

Don't vote for Sarkozy

Alden said...


It is Sego who is using fear and threatening violence, nor Mr. Sarkozy.

Sego is also very attached to the Mafia-like unions in France.

So you should be voting for Sarkozy!


PS The tactic used by Le Parisien to muzzle Sarkozy's interview is another example of the servitude of the press in this country to the PS and other factions of the wacko left. How does a revolutionary movement (what the PS is supposed to be) control the press? Answer: By not being revolutionary at all and by being the ESTABLISHMENT....not quite the dreams May '68 was made of eh??

Boz said...

Thanks alden, don't worry though, I'm actually going to France tonight, so I likely won't be updating until sometime in the afternoon tomorrow.


clémentine said...
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evan jones said...

Comments on this blog have turned into high farce.
We have Americans praising Sarkozy's claim of the rhetoric of Royal threatening democracy when their own democracy has been subverted by a junta that has stolen two elections and debauched the US' vaunted constitutional structures.
Sarkozy's delicate sensibilities are offended when Royal is distilling his past performance?
The man who threatened Minister for Equal Opportunity Azouz Begag (Sarkozy's entourage call him their 'token Arab' Cabinet member) with 'I'll smash your face', calling him an arsehole and a bastard.
The man who has presided over the burgling of his rival Royal's apartment.
The man who has escalated the tension in the banlieues by dictating a reversion to an aggressive police culture, and by using agents provocateurs to inflame violence.
By chance, I happened to be crossing the Seine from the Marais on the morning of 25 September last. What seemed like the entire Paris police force was lined up for action (to the chagrin of commuters). Turned out that they were headed for the Tarterets housing estate in Corbeil-Essones, supposedly seeking the culprits of an earlier attack on police.
Outcome? a handful of token arrests, and a huge waste of public resources. Local elected officials described the affair rightly as a media circus beatup - which it was as the media had turned up in droves as Sarkozy's invitation.
This is a man of sobriety? Remember that a huge percentage of Sarkozy's own coalition despise him. And that the mild-mannered Bayrou publicly captured the essence of his character much earlier than did Royal.
As for alden's claim that the French media is in thrall to the PS! There's a parallel universe here.
I note that Sarkozy wants to privatise (amongst other things) the SNCF. Brilliant! No doubt he has the disastrous privatised British rail network in mind as the way to go. THe man is a genius.
The only hope is that Sarkozy softens as he settles into the plush upholstery of the Elysee, and that he is constrained by an inevitably more balanced government.
Sayonara - more instructive outlets becone.

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