Thursday, May 10, 2007

French tell Sarkozy to enjoy

Newly elected Nicolas Sarkozy has taken heat for freely using the yacht of a billionaire friend off of Malta, but apparently the French don't seem to care. In a newly released Opinion Way poll, 58% of the French said that the trip was "not outrageous," more than the 53% that elected him president.

However, the numbers break down roughly on party and political lines. 95% of Sarkozy voters considered the trip normal, whereas 67% of Royal voters were shocked. But considering Royal's defeat, the left really needs a new strategy. Why not let Sarkozy enjoy his vacation...when it comes time for economic reform at home, he might conveniently leave vacation time alone.


Charbax said...

Of course, you know that Opinion Way is sponsored by the MEDEF which is the union of big business CEOs. Same with some of the other supposedly "big" opinion polling institutes that weigh so much in the traditionnal media, ownership of Lagardère, Dassault and Bouygues for most of it.

Alden said...

The French leftist news paper "Liberation" is owned by the Rotschild we probably shouldn't read it either


Synth-Eponge said...

The problem is that this "poll" was done partially on the website of Figaro, a right-wing newspaper. It has no scientific value.

Alden said...

Who owns Le Monde?

The paper is clearly the spokesman of the PS in France. It was virtually part of the Royal campaign. For those who saw the Arte show recently on the campaign, it was very revealing to listen to the conversations of Le Monde's reporters and editor trying to figure out how to spin the news in favor of Royal and to the destruction of Sarkozy. You thought you were in the middle of PS headquarters and not in a newspaper's headquarters.

You do not see the blatant spin in Le Figaro that you do in Le Monde, desole!


Boz said...

Synthe-eponge, according to the article "Cette enquête a été réalisée auprès d'un échantillon de 1.114 personnes, représentatif de la population française âgée de 18 ans et plus."

MkF aka NuKLeArWarHead said...

just as an addendum, not to antagonize in any way, I'd just like to react to Alden's post...
Though Le Monde's CEO personnaly (slightly) supported Mme Royal, this paper as a whole ran a pro-Sarkozy campaign, and has consistently followed (from day one, back in the 50s) a centrist (i.e. right-centre-right) ideological line, even though its reader-base mostly consists in well-off progressives (which could explain some of its agressive (but harmless on the whole) commentaries, accurately mentioned by Alden).
Since he's made known he'd be running, Sarkozy has drawn very, very few criticism in the media (even the communist paper l'Humanité is owned by Lagardère...); Furthermore, his blatant lie about Vincent Bolloré's (owner of CSA, one of the big 3 polling institutes) public contracts wasn't even questioned in the Press... Well, opinion & media coverage in France are serious issues.