Thursday, May 3, 2007

Le Monde endorses Royal

Today has been the typical end of campaign day. Sarkozy held a final rally in Montpellier, Royal in Lille. Although an Opinionway poll said that 53% of viewers found Sarkozy more convincing in last night's debate (compared to 31% for Royal), the general feeling is that it was a draw, at least in how it will affect the polls. Final polls are also showing a near 90% firmness of vote, which leaves very few voters undecided.

Le Monde has given a cautious endoresement to Segolene Royal, although it concedes that "The president of the UMP is likely going to become the president of the country" for various campaign reasons.

Le Monde director Jean-Marie Colombani says that Royal's project is centered on addressing a social elevator that "is broken down not only for those which are with the bottom of the scale, but for an always increasing part of this middle class." He accuses Sarkozy of an "American" vision because his propositions "favor the top of the social pyramid." Colombani ends with this:

"Ségolène Royal outlined a "desire" of change, laying out a prospect. Her defeat, especially if it were heavy, would inevitably plunge the PS in the resettling of accounts, the return in strength of all the archaisms and all the negative Utopias. Her victory would give her the authority to begin this work of essential reinvention. It is a bet. For the country, it deserves to be tried.

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Da Weaz said...

"Although an Opinionway poll said that 53% of viewers found Sarkozy more convincing in last night's debate (compared to 31% for Royal), the general feeling is that it was a draw"

Sorry, this is an absurd statement on its face.

Whether or not the debate changes someone's opinion about who to vote for is one thing, but trying to deny that the majority of French think that Sarkozy won, when the polls confirm the same is simply propagandistic or worse.

Some of us are Royal supporters and knew that she lost. Please stop injecting your own opinions for the majority of people when you don't have more information that pollsters do.

Boz said...

I'm only trying to sum things up as best as I can observe them. Yes, one poll showed Sarkozy having the better performance, but there weren't many decisive moments for either candidate. Expectations were quite high for Sarkozy and low for Royal, so the fact that there was no clear winner is clearly a mark against Sarkozy and to Royal. I'm sorry you feel that Royal "lost", she actually did quite well for the most part.


Boz said...

You will also note that after "the general feeling is that it was a draw" I wrote "at least in how it will affect the polls." Considering many analysts have said that debates usually do not sway many voters anyway, I can't see how the above statement is "propagandistic or worse."

Name: Alex Moronda said...

polls? I see one mention of one poll, of suspect nature.

lenin said...

It's always amusing to see a neocon diss a neoliberal (I guess the author of this blog is attuned to the Sirens of the Third Way, without beeswax or rope). Yet, I feel you would all learn from a bit of Franglais marxis theory on this matter:

Well done on the blog, by the way: it is the most informative and incisive account of these elections I have yet come across, with the tiny flaw that Besancenot is under-represented.

Da Weaz said...

I want Segolene to win as much as anyone, if not more. I just try to be a little accurate.

And the idea that Sarkozy has high expectations and Royal has low ones, I don't think is accurate: Sarkozy is AHEAD and thus only needed to not make a major mistake or allow Sego to do something fantastic for him to have a "win." And this he seems to have done.

As far Mr. Moronda goes, it seems that he is looking at the world through rosy colored lenses. In his view, apparently, Sego CLEARLY won this debate and is a sure path to victory. This I find a bit absurd, though I wish I could share is unbridled optimism.

Alden said...

This discussion is interesting. The polls show Sarko won the debate decisively. Not only this, but his lead in the polls has increased since the debate. And yet, there are those who maintain that Sego WON the debate. (Mamma mia!)

The question is: do you really want people who are completely incapable of accepting REALITY to govern you? The resounding answer NO from the French people is growing more obvious every day! 54.5% and growing. It would be great to get to 60 and that level of vote can come true if more disillusioned Socialists, who really want change, join Sarkozy on Liberation Day, May 6…stay tuned!

Boz said...

Ok, strategically, obviously Sarkozy won, because he only needed to get through unscathed, and Royal, who needed to turn the tables, failed. However, if you are just looking at the debate itself, out of the larger political context, I find it hard to choose one clear winner, which of course, has allowed for both sides to declare victory.


Alden said...

." He accuses Sarkozy of an "American" vision because his propositions "favor the top of the social pyramid."

What a laugh! I am quite sure most US ouvriers have a higher net worth than this elitist propagandist.

The French Socialist model favors those who are at the top of the social pyramid, those who are already wealthy through family or good fortune. This privledged elite (Fabius, Lang, Royal etc) do not want anything to change, certainly not an empowering of the working class.

Victory over Serfdom (VS day) is hours away..stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

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