Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Le Pen calls off vote

National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen, who witnessed his party in one of its worst performances last weekend during the first round of voting, has called on his supporters to abstain in the coming runoff.

"It would be illusory and dangerous to vote for the Socialist candidate to avenge Nicolas Sarkozy's prevention of our programme. But it also would be insane to hand our votes to a candidate who continues to consider us extremists...abstain massively."

It is unclear how many people he is capable of swaying now that the strength of his support has been thoroughly discredited, but he does have a very strong group of loyalists who may now stay at home on election day. This may not eliminate Nicolas Sarkozy's advantage, but it can only hurt it.

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Alden said...

Le Pen can only hope for a Royalist victory, one that would be the “coup de grace” for France’s economy. In the resulting strife and mayhem, Le Pen would seek to rebuild his parties strength on the backs of the suffering of the French people.

If, on the other hand, Sarkozy is victorious and his policies are implemented, the French outlook should improve greatly. This would mean the extinction of the Front Nationale.

The FN came to prominence thanks largely to the genius level political strategy of Francois Mitterand. He wanted to see the right divided and the FN was the perfect tool for his plan. Hat’s off to Francois Mitterand, because the right still suffers from Le Pen’s presence. His days are numbered though..hopefully