Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A little humor

Yes Nicolas Sarkozy is getting ready for a new job and sporadic violence continues, but that doesn't mean there is not time for a little bit of humor.

FRENCH president-in-waiting Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday unveiled his radical plans for a social revolution in France including a cut in the lunch break from nine to eight hours.

Restaurants have been told that 'dejeuner' must now consist of a maximum of 12 courses, reduced from 14, excluding petit fours.

Wine consumption by workers with their afternoon meal will be limited to one bottle per person, although there will be no restriction on champagne.

As a result, Mr Sarkozy said, the working day in France will be increased from the current three hours to three-and-a-half.

Mr Sarkozy wasted no time in jetting off on holiday after winning the election saying he would be back to sort out France after a nice long break.


Donald Douglas said...

You mentioned on my blog last year that voters' gender might not make much of a difference in the French presidential election. Fifty-two percent of French women voted for Sarkozy, but these were mostly older female voters, so they might have had longer memories of hard times in France ("the hollow years," especially the 1930s) and hopes for vigorous (masculine) policy leadership. Most key here, perhaps French cultural paternalism contributed to the Royal defeat?

See my post up today on the topic:

For the quick link:

Burkean Reflections

Anonymous said...

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