Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Return of the King

Tonight President-Elect Nicolas Sarkozy will return from vacationing to France. His travels have raised some eyebrows because the yacht he has been photographed in belongs to a French businessman and corporate raider by the name of Vincent Bolloré, who is listed as being worth US$1.7 billion and the 451st richest person in the world.

Sporadic violence and protests have continued since this past Sunday night, but these have been greeted by pleas from left-wing leaders to stop. Soccer player Lilian Thuram had this to say.

"Stop! There are many other means of being made hear more effectively. We live in a society full of prejudices, this violence reinforces them whereas they should be fought.

(...) people revolt when it there is injustice...Nicolas Sarkozy was elected democratically."


enigmatikmike said...

He left here for France this evening.

winston jamz said...

Why are people surprised by Monsieur Sarkozy's new friends, and his posturing? After all, these people from the world of business were among his biggest supporters. Really I do look forward to more of his antics, as the real Sarkozy is revealed.

piktor said...

Boz, this riot thingy reminds me of the Mexican presidential elections last year.

Only that the moron that led the protests was the losisng candidate. He was the former mayor of Mexico City who for 5 years campaigned for president using the power and means of his Office for personal political gain and promotion.

He was a shoo-in until the "conservative" candidate with no charisma and enterd the fray.

The rowdy ex-mayor made blunder after blunder and squandered a 10 point lead a few months before the election into nothing and then defeat at the polls.

He took to the streets and decided to block the city's main street and Mexico City's main square, paralyzing a big chunk of the city's economy. This went on for 48 days! (The conservative dollar number of the loss is $200-$300 million)

The police did't intervine because the substitute mayor acted as his lackey and enabler. (this happened in the XXI century and in the country that borders south of the U.S.)

This demi-god loser went on to campaign at his home state for his party's candidate for governor. The opposition won.

Country-wide his party has suffered and the poll numbers now have the party in third place again.

If only Lilian Thuran had spoken those words after the Mexican election...

Alden said...


I guess the fundamental difference is that the Socialist elites would not have to accept an invitation from a biz leader, they would simply go to vacation on their own yachts!

Sorry, but I couldn't resist, the hypocrisy is just too hilarious