Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Royal campaign rally, 60,000 strong

Tonight Socialist candidate Segolene Royal spoke to an audience of 60,000 at Charléty stadium in Paris, which ironically enough, was a center of the May 1968 protests. Other than the ordinary fiery rhetoric, Royal took Sarkozy on directly on the issue of the value of work, and criticized him for the brutality of his style of governing.

"I do not want to see these women in tears any more in front of the gates of their closed companies, the glances of the workmen fired without protection. And those which philosophize on the value work, have they seen these citizens there? (...) Our country does not need brutality or shock. (France) does not need to declare the war on public utilities, it needs confidence..."

"brutality in the control of the public affairs, which can endanger social peace, civil peace. This danger is contained in the program of the right-wing candidate. I want peace civil in my country!"

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Alden said...

The important number is not 60,000, its 53.5. Well hopefully it will be 54 tomorrow.

Keep the faith, we shall overcome!

Boz said...

It is still impressive. Actually, these mass rallies remind me of those televangelists who give sermons to thousands seated in stadiums...it's a little creepy with all the flags waving and chanting.


Alden said...

Boz, you should visit the Republican or Democratic party conventions in the States sometime! Mayhem!