Friday, May 4, 2007

Royal gets desperate

With no change recorded in polls after Wednesday's debate, Socialist candidate Segolene Royal is playing her last two cards available.

George Bush:

"He (Sarkozy) imitates George W. Bush in this technique of compassionate conservative. One cries over people. The various facts are used and, when one is at responsibilities, one does not act for the present and one promises for tomorrow. See the election campaigns of Bush, but, when there was the catastrophe of New-Orleans, one did not see it on the ground!...(Sarkozy) carries the same neoconservative ideology."


"Come massively to the ballot boxes and come to make the polls lie. Stop (media) conditioning your voters without without rest, stop leaving the polls format (voters), let the voters choose!


Me, I initially ask them to come to vote massively and also to revolt against this way of making which consists in saying that since the surveys spoke, the ballot boxes spoke."

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Alden said...

Very desparate indeed!

Trying to make political hay off of the suffering of thousands of people in the face of a natural disaster of monumental scale is frankly pitiful. The good Lord was responsible for the storm not GWB.

Comparisons between God and GWB are an insult to our heavenly Father!

Name: Alex Moronda said...

it is desperate to ask people to vote? to remind them that polls are fake and the only poll that matters is the one on election day? That's democratic if you ask me.

Also, Bush's compassionate conservatism is much forgotten now. She is making a great point. The biggest problem with Sarkozy is his dishonesty. He says whatever you want to hear. Only a buffoon would trust him the way he changes his "views" so quickly. With Royal I know that she's not blowing smoke, not making promises to get elected. THIS is why she is vague and avoids promises. She's being truthful.

cotewest said...

I hope que ce sera royal qui sera élue. Sarkozy c'est l'hypocrisie, le pouvoir, le JE VEUX, des lois plus dures, pas de négociations, des flics plus nombreux, un projet culturelle qui sera sasn doute catastrophique (la culture pour sarkozy, c'est sans doute le sport, et de masse sans doute). Sorkozy est contre le dialogue, il ressemble sans doute à Bush.

Pour moi, et "quelques" français, il est très près des néoconservateurs américains. Il n'hésite pas à fustiger mai 68, à considérer que les personnes pédophiles naissent pédophiles, Cela s'apelle eugénisme.

Bref, ne nous trompons pas!

Santiago said...

If Alain Prost is supporting Sarko, Allez Sarko!

Merci Alain! Champion du Monde 85,86,89,93.


tomxx75 said...

when was the last time france has had a true right wing leader... Chirac even if I have the most respect for what he's done on the international level was anti-liberal and all these years of socialism have contributed to the decline of our economy and the escape of our greatest talents to the US or elsewhere. We must become competitive again in the world and we have the potential to do so easily but this cannot be done with a socialist economic model. And sorry to say that but Segolene eventhough she is very talented has no clear plan for France. With her we will be governed by the labor syndicates...the result wouldnt be pretty

Name: Alex Moronda said...

"We must become competitive again in the world and we have the potential to do so easily but this cannot be done with a socialist economic model"


Prove this statement

tomxx75 said...

well we've had a socialist model for at least the past 25 years...

Boz said...

It is funny that while economic issues have dominated this campaign, French unemployment has actually been slowly falling.

evan jones said...

France a socialist model for the last 25 years? Baloney.
Corporatism would be preferable, if one hankers after a single ism-word, and even then a peculiarly French version.
The Mitterand Presidency years (the first half of the last 25 years) are well documented in Vivien SChmidt's From State to Market (Cambridge, 1996).
The nationalisations and subsequent privatisations strengthened large-scale enterprise, and there was budgetary reform of an orthodox nature (e.g. tax cuts), for example. Anti-inflation measures were put in place to cater to EU dictates (part of the cause of the high unemployment rate). Hardly socialist. Industry support mechanisms were always on the boil, but such mechanisms are used in all captitalist countries without exception (except that English-speaking countries deny their existence).
If every country that doesn't adhere to a pure market model is socialist then all capitalist countries are socialist. An economics education hinders rather than helps an understanding of real world capitalisms.