Saturday, May 12, 2007

Royal Hurry

Nicolas Sarkozy is working behind the scenes to put a government together, and still has several days until becoming France's next president, but that has not stopped Segolene Royal from beginning the 2012 presidential campaign.

Today Royal said that the Socialist primary campaign in late summer and fall of 2006 was a destructive process, and that "internal attacks" were seized upon by the right in the presidential campaign. To remedy this Royal suggested a much speeded up process of designating the Socialist candidate for 2012:

"It will be necessary to reform the calendar of designation (...) It's necessary that the candidate is designated much earlier, so that he is not exhausted in quarrels and internal conflicts."

And her timetable? "Quickly...after the legislative elections, as of the next congress." Any Socialist Party congress would be held in March 2008 or in the autumn. Nothing seems to be stopping her from positioning herself to be the 2012 candidate, although to have any chance of winning, she would likely have to break away from the hard-line socialists and far leftists that have restrained the party from moving closer towards a US/UK style mainstream left wing. With the fractures between herself and her own party this time around, she is also hoping that "Ensemble, tout devient possible."


Alden said...

I would not imagine that being in a hurry is a very good idea for Royal. Better let the results of one of the most staggering losses in French history fade away.

What would make the voters think that a 2012 rematch between Sego and Sarko would have any other conclusion but defeat for the PS again! Better to find and groom some one who can compete at the world level and win..DSK, for example.

Boz, I hate to keep reminding you but there is no one (much less Hilary) who as anywhere as far left as Royal and her gang. They are in a completely different zip code. Hilary obviously didn't want any comparisions for a geat many reasons.

Even DSK would not show up on the US political screen. Sarkozy would be a left wing Democrat on almost all issues.

The US is a liberal, free market driven democracy. France is a 1940s styled welfare state. It's very tough to compare the two systems glibly. Politicians in France make FDR look like Rush Limbaugh. Get it?

Alden said...

It should also be poionted out and thats what DSK should do, that the 46% Royal received in the polling was more of a vote against Sarko than for Royal. She has no momentum nor does she have a program today or in 2012. She does not have what it takes.

winston jamz said...

'alden' Your comments seem very wide of the mark. Royal did not suffer a massive defeat, nor did Sarkozy receive a massive victory. When Chirac defeated LePen, that was a massive victory.

In this election of the 85 percent who voted, 45 went to Sarkozy and Royal got 40. This means that majority of of the French electorate did not vote for Monsieur Sarkozy. This is not a massive victory, and please stop exaggerating.

Once he takes power we will see what he does for the country. I am not hopeful because no country is run by one man. Too much is expected, and all will be disappointed when very little changes. People praise Blair for what's happened in the UK. I doubt he is totally responsible for it. One thing he can claim responsibility for is the war in Iraq.

Alden said...

53 to 47

Reality check ole boy!

Creative accounting doesn't work in elections. Your gal got walloped.

Hurrah if she stays as leader of the PS, it just means UMP leads the country for at least 10 years and probably beyond.

Wouldn't bother me in the least.

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