Friday, May 11, 2007

Royal to sit out

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has announced today that she will not be a candidate in the upcoming legislative elections, saying it goes against her principles.

"Although the law allows it, the future is not of multiple political offices, and I apply myself to this non-plurality of which I had defended the principle during the presidential campaign."

She is currently the President of the Poitou-Charentes region. Even the question of being in multiple political offices at the same time is foreign to most American ears, although this is quite a common practice in France, where a national politician might then hold some other position back in his/her home district.

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Alden said...

The latest Royal soap opera tid-bit, published in a new book by two Le Monde journalists, has the femme fatale threatening her significant Socialist other that “he will never see his children again” unless she gets her way with the direction of the party. Pretty boorish stuff and not at all what one would have heard in the more intelligent Hilary and Bill show.

The PS should have the good sense to dump the couple, both of the self-centered opportunists, who think only of their own personal power over the future of the party, and let DSK and Fabius fight it out to determine PS’s direction.