Friday, May 11, 2007

Sarkozy & Blair, Royal & Clinton

Today President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy met UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in Paris, although Blair is himself stepping down at the end of June. After the meeting, Blair told reporters "I totally agree" when asked about Sarkozy's idea of a simplified EU treaty, a response to the "No" vote against the EU constitution in France. Sarkozy also used the occasion to praise Blair for his work as prime minister:

"Tony Blair profoundly modernized his country. He knew how to create majorities beyond his own political family to achieve important results."

This past week's vote has also brought another international political duo into the mix: Segolene Royal and Hillary Clinton. Early in the week Clinton operatives went on damage control, ensuring that no analogies are made between the two:

"Other than the fact that they are both women, they don't have much in common."

"Hillary Clinton offers a very different kind of choice than the French faced...(she) is well regarded as strong, smart and a leader. Her experience says she is ready to see the country through changes with a steady, substantive and sure hand."

However, this is not the first time Clinton has tried to distance herself from her French counterpart. In late last year it was reported that Segolene Royal had cancelled her US trip because Hillary Clinton refused to meet with her.


Alden said...

The only Socialist who has had the courage to pull his head out of the sand and face reality, the one that French people have to face everyday...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn impute la défaite de Ségolène Royal à l'élection présidentielle à un discours "éloigné du réel" sur un grand nombre de sujets, dont les retraites et le nucléaire.

"Cette défaite a des racines profondes, c'est que nous nous sommes éloignés du réel", a déclaré l'ancien prétendant à l'investiture présidentielle du PS lors du Conseil national du parti au palais de la Mutualité, dans le centre de Paris.

"Quand on est entre-deux sur trop de sujets, on s'éloigne de la réalité", a encore expliqué le député du Val-d'Oise.

winston jamz said...

Clinton operatives miss the point that was being made. They may not have very much in common, but any woman running for the highest office in the land will face a degree of sexism. Rather than be dismissive, or simply creating distances, I believe Madame Royal pursuit of France's highest office will offer lessons for any woman seeking a high office.

Alden said...

"woman running for the highest office in the land will face a degree of sexism"

The results show that it was women who refused to vote for Royal. I suppose that would rather be a case of feminine intuition than sexism.

But every excuse for Royal's massive defeat is a good one for some people.