Sunday, May 6, 2007

Segolene Talks

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal is adressing an audience outside her campaign HQ just a minute after the results became official. She said that the high turnout is a sign of a new democracy. "We are going to continue together...I assume responsibility." At the end of the several minute statement she told her supporters to keep their energy and that she will continue to battle with them.


Alden said...

Sego’s joyous reaction after crushing and humiliating defeat was one of relief that her suffering was finally over. She was obviously in over her head in a duel with Sarkozy.

I am sure Sego considered just being in the runoff a huge victory. Jospin didn’t make the cut. No matter what her score might be in the final, she could declare it a victory. And that is exactly what she did! Once again, not an ounce of introspection, not a thought that the French people had rejected her. No, none of this. Instead she receives the message, from one of the most humiliating losses in French electoral history, that she is somehow called upon divinely (not by the people) to lead the Socialist movement.

I thought the body language was particularly interesting. Sarkozy celebrated his victory among the people. Sego addressed her supporters from a balcony many meters above them. It reminded me of one Comrade Brezhnev waving at the tanks, and soldiers passing below from his elevated USSR pedestal.

Will the Socialists ever change? Are they capable of learning? And who do they think they are to even begin to think to lead a country like France? If DSK had a bit of lucidity, he would make a deal with Bayrou now to form a Social-Democratic party and assign his fellow PSers to the deuxieme division, that bolgia of political hell inhabited by the postman and the rest of the gaga Gulag Gang.

Boz said...

Well if third time's the charm hasn't worked for the Socialists, they are going to have to do some serious soul searching. Even if this wasn't as embarrassing as 2002, Sarkozy still won by quite a large majority. Frankly, I can't see them winning in 2012 unless they can expand their base much farther into Bayrou territory, and therefore free the presidential platform from the far-left. The French political landscape has changed, but if they continue to ignore it, the math won't ever add up.

Alden said...


Fabius and the far left are still living in the 1950s. If intelligence is defined as the ability to adapt, it is safe to say that these individuals are not too bright. DSK is the only one to have even a glimmer in his light bulb.

I think we could see the UMP with Sarkozy in power for the next decade, the time necessary to reform France. When the work is done and France is rich again then the Socialists (if they evolve) might have a chance. Blair came to power after Thatcher did the work. Zapatero came in to enjoy the fruits of Aznar’s reforms.

Alden said...

Even the Socialists are amazed by Sego's continuing rupture with reality. She thinks she won..,1-0@2-823448,36-906502@51-822961,0.html

She thinks she won a role in the PS for the future with hubby...and that's all that matters for her. The people...what people? The boeufs can wait.