Sunday, May 6, 2007

Turnout over 75%

By 5:00 pm French time, turnout has reached 75.11%, one of the highest in decades, and several points above the 73.87% at the same time two weekends ago. The big question of course is who will benefit. It could be more Le Pen voters who decided to ignore calls for abstention and come out to vote for Sarkozy. It could also be voters of Bayrou, but because they are split more evenly, it is hard to say who that would help.

Walking around today it is (ironically considering the heavy press coverage) difficult to even recognize that an election is taking place. Other than the occasional candidate posters and a few voting stations tucked into schools, there really was not much apparent activity.

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Alden said...

Oh Boz, you mean it doesn't look like civil war and the apocalypse if one candidate is elected?