Saturday, May 5, 2007

Voting begins, Party planned, Stay tuned

Voting begins

Just like two Saturdays ago, the islands Saint Pierre and Miquelon off of eastern Canada began the presidential vote at 8:00 am local time. They are being followed by French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Polynesia. French voters in the rest of the Americas, including 74,000 in the US, 46,000 in Canada, 11,600 in Argentina, 10,889 in Brazil, and a scattering of others will also be voting today. The number of registered voters overseas has more than doubled since 2002, (820,000 compared with 385,000), although over 100,000 people return to vote in France itself.

Party planning

According to a source close to Nicolas Sarkozy, a victory party for Sunday night is already being planned to take place at the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Some of Sarkozy's most high-profile supporters will take part in the event, including French singer and current Swiss resident Johnny Hallyday.

Be back soon

Thanks to France 24, I am actually going to Paris tonight, so I won't be updating until sometime in the afternoon on Sunday. Because I don't want to find myself a target of Inspector Clouseau, I will not be publishing voting results until 8:00 pm French time, although I can say that the probability that every poll taken over the past 3 months is wrong is approaching zero, so don't hold your breath for any massive upsets. Thanks for staying tuned and I'll be back online soon.

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Alden said...


Have a good flight.

The latest spin from the Intellos (sic)de Gauche, is that if Sego gets 48% it will be a victory. Don't ask me to explain this one. Must be a continuation of the "it's not winning but just participating that counts" mentality.

Roman said...

Turn out in New York city was way below round one. While there was a long line two weeks ago, the line was inexistant today.

Name: Alex Moronda said...

the only thing about polls is that they are weighted based on predicted turnout, abstentions, etc. there is some volatility there.

all that said, a Sarkozy victory will be more hollow than his supporters realize. not my President indeed!

fabien said...

Sarkozy's France:,1-0@2-823448,36-906026,0.html

Alden said...


The real tragedy here is that two youngsters from France’s impoverished working class have to steal. Not exactly the image of a “worker’s paradise” that the PS and lunatic left want to maintain. Working people in France, blue collar workers especially (ouvriers), are underpaid, over taxed and live in a state of perpetual job insecurity thanks to the Socialist system in place for decades.

Contrast this sad state of affairs with their English counterparts. Who is buying up France? Is it media moguls, billionaires, or rock stars, ..? No, its rich English ouvriers! France’s villages are being bought by rich, working class English as second homes. Most French ouvriers don’t even own one home! And how many French ouvriers are buying second home in the UK? Not too many I would imagine.

French workers, open your eyes. Liberation day is here. May 6, 2007 is VS day “Victory over Socialist Serfdom and Slavery!”

santori said...
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santori said...

Trying again:

The Socialists aren't the ones who have been in power these last few years. And child poverty is worse in the UK than in France. According to this article

'child poverty is estimated at 7% in France, it stands at 16% in Britain (double the rate for 1979), and at 20% in the USA (without forgetting the 15% of Americans without health insurance).'

NationMaster has similar statistics at 7.9% compared to 19.8 and 22.4%.

Le Vrai Sarkozy:

France is a Basket-Case, Says Everyone (Apparently):

Alden said...


France is a socialist welfare state and has been for thirty years. The system has been supported by both the right and the left elites during this period.

That is why the beginning of change needs to start now and it needs to start with Sarkozy.

A reactionary, Sego will reinforce the welfare state, leading the French backwards, so many ostriches burrowing their head deeper into the sand.